The eleventh HONK!
+ October 7th to 9th 2016 +

HONK! 2016 Is Here!

Deaths in the Family

The HONK! Somerville organizing committee joins the entire HONK! community in expressing our profound sadness at the sudden loss of Leah Durrett, one of the most beautiful and inspiring souls in our beautiful and inspiring family. She touched so many of us, and so her spirit stays with us and within us. We are moved, honored, and fortunate to be a part of such a warm and loving community. A memorial website for Leah can be found here.

We are also sad to hear of the passing of Charles Adler in Artesian Rumble. These are the words of his daughter, Hillary, about what a creative soul he was. "Charles loved music, performing, writing, wordplay, and creative expression in general. He taught himself how to play clarinet and sax. He played every Friday with his band as part of a peace vigil where he'd instantly be all smiles. He loved dancing and music and considered it healing. He was skilled at seeing beauty in the world and in the people he encountered." He played at our HONK! festival and will be greatly missed by the HONK! community.